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About Our Farm

Hello there and thanks for taking time to see how and where good food is grown. Graham Farms/ Omega Meats is a small farm outside of Grand Rapids, Ohio. I raise 100% grass fed beef and pastured hogs, turkeys, chickens and eggs. At Graham Farms we use only certified  organic feed for the chickens, hogs and turkeys. The end result is the best possible product free from hormones, antibiotics pesticides, and Genentically Modified grains. I practice rotational grazing by moving the animals to fresh grass daily and offer the grass long rest periods before it gets grazed again.

I chose to call my products Omega Meats because when animals are allowed to eat what they were made to eat the end results is a correct balance of the omega fats, which are very important to your health.

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Lindsay Graham

some thoughts September 25th, 2011

9/25/11      my  first  year of farrowing pigs has been quite a learning experience! one bad mom and one mom with an bad start but good finish . i now have two healthy pi

where did the summer go July 28th, 2011

Hey we are staring  at august and all i did was blink. what is happening at the farm? well buelah is going to give birth in about a week , hopefully 8-10 healthy pigs . i have turkeys on feed now

in full production now May 6th, 2011

Well it has been a clod wet spring , resulting in a late turn out for the beef and hogs out on grass, and a small average weight on my first batch of meat chickens. the day i dressed my birds I lef



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